• Success Stories

    • Lori O: A Positive Attitude and Determination Aided Her Recovery
      Jan 17, 2017
      Lori was always known as a go-getter who was always on the move and didn't like to wait. Prior to her illness she worked for the Sheriff's Coroner's office in her hometown of... Read More
    • Josefina: Inspired to Become a Nurse by the Quality of Care She Received.
      Nov 29, 2016
      Josefina was admitted to a general hospital for treatment for a sudden onset of encephalopathy and respiratory failure. She was intubated and placed on a ventilator as... Read More
    • Stanley: Recovering From an Unexpected Fall
      Nov 29, 2016
      Stanley was washing his car when he stood up quickly and lost his balance. He fell backwards and suffered a direct blow to his head and his back. He was rushed to the ER... Read More
    • Frankie's Journey to Recovery
      Nov 10, 2016
      Frankie was riding his motorcycle on an unfamiliar road and had a crash that left him unconscious for 10 minutes until paramedics arrived. He was rushed to the ER and had to... Read More
    • Rajiv: On A Journey to Recovery
      Mar 04, 2016
      Rajiv was crossing the street near where he was staying when he was hit by a car and suffered extensive injuries from the impact. He was unconscious for several weeks and in... Read More
    • Antoinette: I Got My Life Back
      Jan 28, 2016
      On the morning of December 16, 2015, Antoinette came back to Kindred Hospital San Francisco Bay Area – not as a patient, but as the star of a video being filmed to celebrate... Read More
    • Jose: Normal Life Restored
      Jan 20, 2016
      Jose was a passenger in a car being driven by a friend and dozed off as they were driving home after a long day at work. “I fell asleep and the next thing I remember was... Read More
    • Samuel: Thankful for Quality Care
      Jan 19, 2016
      Twenty years ago Samuel was in the wrong place at the wrong time and a gunshot in the back severed his spinal cord and left him to face a long recovery and life as a... Read More
    • Sarah F: Her life interrupted – Now full of promise
      Dec 23, 2015
      Sarah was attending college in Los Angeles when she came up with some friends in the Fall to visit her family in Union City. She recalls feeling very sick and that she was... Read More
    • Craig S: A Wonderful Awakening
      Oct 06, 2015
      When Craig was found in his car unresponsive and unable to breathe on his own, everyone feared the worst – irreparable brain damage that could possibly lead to death. He was... Read More
    • Mrs. J: A Success Story
      Sep 21, 2015
      “I am a believer in staying positive – no matter what life throws your way” Mrs. J said on the morning she was due to be discharged. “I’m a greeter at my church, people... Read More
    • Mr. D: Getting stronger everyday
      Sep 16, 2015
      Mr. D never imagined he would go from being an active and healthy club champion in table tennis and tennis, to facing a real life and death situation from critical pulmonary... Read More
    • John: Everyone Worked Together
      Jan 01, 2014
      John was working on his farm. He hopped off his tractor to shut a gate and his tractor kept moving.“I tried to jump on it, like a dummy, and fell,” John said. “The tractor... Read More
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